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Our mindset has always been to brew beers that we want to drink.

Depending on our mood, we enjoy everything from a crispy no-frills lager to a big bold stout made with local donuts, and so many great styles in between. We aim to offer a diverse array of ales and lagers that truly reflect the eclectic spirit of Asheville.


When brewing more conventional styles, we strive to create beers that are simply that, beers that taste like beer. They are true to style, clean and balanced, and capable of showcasing the nuances of fewer ingredients. These beers may be less complicated by adjuncts and fruit, yet still complex and above all, incredibly drinkable.


As a rule, we like to break the rules, or at least test the boundaries of what makes great beer by utilizing different yeast strains, mixed fermentation, new hop varieties, unique ingredients, fruit, in-house smoking techniques, and various aging methods. After all, experimentation and fearlessness are 12 Bones trademarks that have fueled our growth from day one.


Inspiration comes in many forms but it is perhaps best found when working together to achieve a common goal. As a cornerstone of our process, we continually seek exciting opportunities to team up with passionate brewers, chefs, farmers, makers, and artisans from near and far, as well as our own smokehouse down the hall in order to create delicious brews that celebrate a sense of community.