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BBQ & Beer

In the spring of 2019, Angela and Bryan King relocated 12 Bones Smokehouse South and launched 12 Bones Brewing in a sprawling industrial building sandwiched between Hendersonville Road and a railroad line a little south of downtown Asheville. For many years prior to the brewery’s inception and as the beer scene in Asheville continued to evolve and thrive, dreams of ways to merge BBQ and craft beer simmered.

Timing is everything and sometimes the stars just seem to align. As a result of the need to relocate the Smokehouse, they stumbled upon the perfect old building with the right character in an underutilized area after another location fell through. The space was way too big for the Smokehouse alone, but it would be perfect with a brewery too. During that same time, Angela’s brother, Dominic was in the midst of expanding a successful brewery of his own in Manitou Springs, Colorado and able to lend his considerable expertise. With Dominic’s brewing knowledge and the help of our friends and partners the Howards, plans for 12 Bones Brewing began to take shape. Our vision has always been to offer a unique BBQ and Beer experience, intertwining home cookin’ with a delicious variety of beer styles that pair well with comfort food in a relaxed setting.